Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Monday, July 16

I thought today might be the day. I didn't thread the needle across the Comm and Wash intersection, but made good time down through West Newton (no lights) and on down Watertown Street. Watertown Square did not pose any major issue, but I acutally took the upstream side of the bridge owing to the lights by the Watertown Yard and then cut diagonally across the Main-Mount Auburn intersection. From there it was a relatively simple ride along Mount Auburn although I missed the light at Aberdeen.

Still, I was riding strong. I made it across Fresh Pond Parkway without waiting for the light and on to Walden. I took my left on to Sheldon and the thirty minute ride was definitely within my grasp. I was going gangbusters down Walden when I saw the gates lower at the railroad crossing. I might muck around with traffic lights, but I will not go around crossing gates. I probably could have beaten the train. But not definitely.

The 30 minute ride out, I got to wait for the train to pass by (quickly) and then darted under the rising gate faster than anyone else. It was an easy right on to Pemberton and then an easy ride the rest of the way in to Davis.

31 Minutes, 16.2 mph.

The ride home was fine, too, although I did have a minor, uh, altercation on Huron Street. I was trundling along on the outside line of the bike lane (where I like to sit so I don't get doored) and a woman in a honda or something equally innocuous turned out of a space and cut me off. I threw up my hands and she sped away. A second later she turned to go around a left-turning car and cut me off again. I held up two fingers (as in the number of times she almost ended my life) and then pointed to my eyes. But at the Fresh Pond Parkway, she had to stop and, on the verge of tears, apologized to me as I glided by. No swearing, not anger, and a Honda. If she learned her lesson, I'm fine with it.

From there, it was an easy ride home via Newtonville (bank) although that necessitated climbing up West Newton Hill for fun. An extra mile and probably more climbing than I did the rest of the day.

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